Baby – night 3

3.30 am in the morning, baby will not let me put him down. He cries when I stand up because he knows I am going to put him down. I have basically been awake the whole night. the fever has gone down and he seems to have more energy nowt that we are sitting infront of the computer. What to do but to come and sit here, I might as well. He will not sleep which translates to I can’t sleep.


One thought on “Baby – night 3

  1. One of the drawbacks of being the Mommy… even if Daddy is willing, the babies always want Mom when they feel bad. With regard to your comment on my blog about Jett Travolta – I hope things turn out well and the tests do not show what you are afraid of. Please God, let it only be a viral infection that can be treated and cured in due time. And allows you the peace of mind and ability to rest. My thoughts are with you this weekend and Monday.


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