2009 Goals

I think it sounds easier to do when you call them goals as opposed to resolutions. It helps that my birthday falls on the 1st of the year. I have a few to get me going:
1. Like everyone else, lose a few pounds, like maybe 10% of my current weight. When I had Henry, I purposed to lose at least 50 pounds, I have already lost 38 so I am doing good. This means, going running at least 3 times a week and doing strength training too.
2. Get certified, there are few certifications that I am seeking this year which involves a lot of reading.
3. Write in my journal everyday. I will also try to post on my blog daily but that is not a goal for me this year
4. Complete a half marathon. I have been getting ready for this already.
5. Call my folks more often (I actually have a specific goal for this but I am so ashamed to write it down), I bet my dad will be happy to read this.
I think that will do it for now. As soon as my contract runs out, I will be beginning a new phase in my life and that will come with new goals.
This is one of the pictures taken by Rehema using her camera


5 thoughts on “2009 Goals

  1. Rehema has a good eye just like my ZBoy. Children have a way of seeing things, I think!

    Glad to hear things are improving for Henry. Perhaps you will get some rest tonight. Still keeping him safe in my thoughts.

    I like the sound of “goals” better too. Yours are great ones. I should check out races in my area and see about training for a half marathon. My doctor shocked me a few months ago by saying he thought of me as a long distance runner. I might try it.


  2. oh ho ho… what a great photo she took. that expression on his face is priceless.

    I need to lose a lot more weight than that. There is something about getting “older” and having worked in a sedentary job that wreaks havoc with butt and belly.


  3. she has other interesting photos too, of the ceiling fan, she has tried to make me pose for some of her pictures. it is interesting to see what she considers worth taking a photo off


  4. Great picture Rehema! What a clever little girl you are! Good luck with all that reading mom! Hope you reach all your goals! Peace and happiness to you and yours this year and always! Hugs xxxx


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