Fun Monday!

Fun Monday is hosted by Faye. Her assignment was:

“What’s on your mind as we close out 2008 and begin 2009? Large and small. What are often your first thoughts the minute you wake up? When you’re alone and unguarded? Working? Stuck in traffic? Playing with the children? Walking the dogs? When you can’t sleep?”

What is on my mind?
Like everyone else, I think about losing a few pounds, I am not obsessed because they have been falling off though slower than I would prefer.
When I am lying in bed, I keep telling myself and I need to get up and go study. There are two certifications that have been on mind mine the whole of last year and this is the year to get them. The spirit is willing but the flesh is weak though.
I feel guilty about not calling my folks more often, I did call them on Sunday and they were so happy to hear from me.
Right this minute as I write this, I just want my baby to be fine. He has been sick since Wednesday, he looks like he is getting better though.

I had some quick answers too for your questions.

 What are often your first thoughts the minute you wake up? I am going to be late for work.
When you’re alone and unguarded? I need a new career
Working? I miss my kids
Stuck in traffic? the person infront of me should have gone and I would not have been stuck in this traffic
Playing with the children? I am glad they are having fun
Walking the dogs? I don’t have a dog
When you can’t sleep? I need to wake up and do all that stuff that needs to be done like yesterday

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10 thoughts on “Fun Monday!

  1. Giggles, Short and sweet and to the point as usual! Maybe we should all get together for aerobics or something! (Instead of sitting on our butts at the computer so much! LOL)


  2. I agree with the others…the heading is quite cute. I hope you find the umph to get the certifications out of the way. Getting stuff like that done can relieve a lot of pressure (says the woman who has a certification LOOMING. Sigh).


  3. Good luck with your certification prep, Grace. I know how the need to study–or write a paper–can hang over your head when you’re trying to go to school, work and rear a family. I can see why you love to play with your children–they’re cute little munchkins. I share your guilt about keeping in touch with elderly family members. Always think they’re waiting for me to call, I should. But I hate the phone. . .


  4. If you were to change careers, what would you do? What is your love? I am always curious as to what a person’s dream job would be and why.

    Glad Mr. H is feeling better (and hopefully you’ve gotten some rest too?). My fingers are crossed for the doctor’s appointment!


  5. good luck on your studies, just hate when you have to discipline yourself to study, thats no fun. Hope the little one is better, both your kids are so cute.


  6. I have to say I no longer have any need to study but I wish you luck. I sometimes have uncharitable thoughts and wish my mother was a phone call away instead of in the next room and demanding my time (now you’ll think I’m awful).
    I hope your little one gets well soon.


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