Thursday I went for my first Weight Watchers (WW) meeting at work.  There were so many people, in fact so many people have registered for it this time, they have added two classes.  My welcome came when one of my workmates shouted to me, “what are you doing here?” Well, thanks, I suddenly felt thin.  I just smiled and told her, I need to lose a few pounds or so.  Now I was all embarrassed.  Then a few people who did not look like they need to lose any weight came in,  then I was okay with being there.   The facilitator seems nice, she had her ‘before’ pictures and she was interesting.    The WW point system seems daunting and tedious, but I am beginning to like it, though I did not like it very much when my dessert weighed in at 24 points (Since I am nursing, my allowed points are 28 per day).   But you get 35 points per week, so there goes my 35 points, and if you work out, you get to earn some points.   I think WW is going to get me where I need to be.


4 thoughts on “Weight Watchers Part 2

  1. I have thought about doing WW myself but don’t have the money to join. My cousin did that though, and lost quite a bit of weight before abandoning the program and going back to her regular habits. I think that’s the thing you really have to watch out for! And that’s where the meetings come in handy – they keep you on track. My cousin didn’t go.


  2. Good for you! It’s always daunting to take a new step to better oneself, but I have always heard that WW is a great way to do it. Looking at your pictures I probably would have asked you the same question, but people ask me that too when I tell them I’m on the South Beach eating plan. 🙂 It’s a nice feeling, but how you feel is the most important. Good luck and best wishes!


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