I apologize, I am super late!  slept early yesterday and was still getting the kids ready for daycare, it’s a holiday for me but since the daycare is open, thought it would be a good idea to have some time to myself today.  Fun Monday today is hosted by Julie.  Here is her assignment:  This week is the 2nd Anniversary of Fun Monday.  Fun Monday began by everyone showing photos of their view out their front door.  For the 1st Anniversary, we did it again.  This time I wanted to change it up a bit.  I asked everyone to take a photo from their front door facing the interior of their home instead of the exterior

When you stand at my door you will see two things:
and that
I love this small window.
Head over to Julie and see what’s inside people’s homes. And yes, you read right, I am hosting for January 26th, I will have the topic ready on Wednesday and it will be super easy.

18 thoughts on “Fun Monday

  1. I bet that table is the centre of family activities! I too love the window it is so pretty and it makes a lovely display area for your ornaments. I’ll make sure I add you to my side bar as next week’s host.


  2. awwwwww to the window.
    Oh! So disappointed that the little guy isn’t sitting in his high chair. Now I’m lonely.. ha ha ha

    We have a little portable “high chair” for when our grandkids come to visit. It ties on to the dining room chair.


  3. That little window looks like a work of art. How interesting. Is it in your kitchen? I would love to take a tour of the rest of your home. Looking forward to next Fun Monday!


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