I went for week 2 of weight watchers and just like my boss predicted, there were only 6 of us. There were more than 20 last week. Well, maybe there are going to other locations, you can go to any location within 100 miles. I had lost .6 pounds, I was glad that I had lost something, but I am staying away from rich desserts. and the journey continues…

One thought on “Weight Watchers Week 2

  1. Congratulations! I know .6 doesn’t seem like much, but every ounce counts. It went on one ounce at a time and that’s how it’s going to come off. I have to keep telling myself that to keep from getting discouraged when my weigh-in doesn’t show giant leaps and bounds – especially when I feel like I’ve been extra good!

    Two of my brothers work in the fitness industry and they say that fall-off is normal. People get all fired up about changing their lives, getting fit and losing weight at the first of the year. They sign contracts at the gym and buy new shoes and then they never see them again. But they keep seeing their money!!!! They also say that when people do come back every week, THOSE are the serious ones, THOSE are the ones who succeed. Like the Nike ad says – just DO it!


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