Fun Monday Assignment – update

I have updated and you can choose to do the topic or do the photo assignment or do both.
I volunteered to host this week, it is my first time hosting :-).  Many people make resolutions during the month of January and they usually include diets/eating healthy/losing weight and all that good stuff.    I myself decided to try the Weight Watchers this time round.  My assignment is to tell us about a diet or two (Atkins, Sonoma, Weight Watchers, South Beach, the You on a Diet, Best Life, The Abs Diet, The Zone, Cabbage Soup, E-Diets, Dr Phil, Jenny Craig, The Meditteranean Diet, Nutrisystem, Slim-Fast, Suzzane Sommers or No Name diet etc etc) that you have tried and what you liked or did not like about it.    You can tell us about one diet that you had so much success with, or another that was a torture to follow or both.
Photo assignment: post a photo of something/someone that makes you feel good about yourself. It could be your loved one, your pet, your part of the world, anything goes.
Please leave your name and blog URL in the comments and I will update every night. I am not Mr Linky Savy. Thanks for participating.


20 thoughts on “Fun Monday Assignment – update

  1. Would love to join in next Monday.. I missed this one this week. We went out of town but I will probably post tomorrow anyway.. 🙂 Thanks for hosting..


  2. I take the photo assignment, because I don’t know anything about diets, besides not to eat too much chocolate which I don’t like anyway. Lucky me I never needed a diet.


  3. Grace,
    Have played Mon Funday almost everytime since Day One…would love to join in on yours and hope to have a post up by then. We are on the road and I don’t have access to the Internet, but I promised to try to grab a few WiFi moments and play along. Please sign me up.


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