Fun Monday is hosted by Ari_1965. Here is a cool assignment.
It’s time for show and tell. What does your kitchen counter look like right now? (And no fair cleaning just for the picture!) Do you have any favorite or unusual items on your counter
I weaned Henry off of his bottles, but I still keep the bottle rack and once in a while put the sippy cups on it to dry. I guess that is the unusual item I have on my counter, not counting the toys.
Not too much space to play with, but the cooking still gets done.
Head over to Ari_1965 to see other kitchen counters.

12 thoughts on “Fun Monday

  1. that looks like a great idea — using the bottle dryer for other stuff.

    I hate to wash dishes. When I need a dish, I always find it dirty in the dishwasher. Then if I want to put dirty dishes in there, it’s full of clean ones waiting to be removed.
    Can’t win


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