Weight Watchers Week 4

It was not a good week as far as WW is concerned, I gained .8 pounds, I was not happy. My goal for that week was to do more strengthening exercises…but I will hang in there. I am not giving up. My goal for this week is to earn half my activity points points value for the week. The good thing I did this week was to check the nutritional information of what I was planning to order before I went to the restaurant. My workmates were taking two of us out for our birthdays. That cinammon butter is a killer! I stayed very far away from it.


Monday I spent half a day in Henry’s new preschool to help him get acclimated and settled. All I can say is that I have a new appreciation for childcare providers. That reminds me of the woman who had the 8 babies…wow!!
I took Henry for his one year check up, he weighed in at 24 pounds, 11.5 ounces and he is 30 inches tall. I think that is pretty tall for a one year old. A few months ago I had attempted to ferberize him and failed miserably. I talked to the doctor about his sleep habits and he got me into a new plan. I hope it works.

Fun Monday

Fun Monday today is hosted by Aojthelurchers.
Her assignment reads:
OK, I know that pretty much all of you out there are bookworms.
So for Fun Monday on 2nd February, firstly tell me what book you are reading now.
I just picked up this book from church because it had an interesting title. It’s called Slavery & Christianity by John Robbins.

What’s it about?
It is based on Paul’s Letter to Philemon who was a slave owner. The slave was called Onesimus.
Are you enjoying it or not and why?
I have not read that far to make a decision whether I like it or not.

If not, why not?
It is a hard read for me, firstly because I did not intentionally go to look for it and secondly it is not the kind of book that you would find me reading. I love to read autobiographies. It is a tiny book though, 49 pages so I think I will give it a try.

And secondly, if you were to be stranded on a desert island, what one book would you take with you.
The Bible, its alive. And besides, I get many books in one book.
Head over to AojtheLurchers and read what everybody is reading.  Have a Fun Monday.