Fun Monday – Unmentionables

This weeks Fun Monday is hosted by Mama Drama.
Here is the assignment:

Anyhow, so there’s this pair of men’s panties (just because that term makes men cringe) on the ground in the parking garage.
I am 99% sure they fell out of someone’s gym bag (not too far away was a pair of gym socks. )
That being said, the truth is never as much fun as what your imagination can come up with… so…
For the March 23rd Fun Monday, What type of tale would you create as to why you had to ditch your underwear in the parking garage at work?
Use your best creative-ness – or, better yet, if this HAS happened to you…please share!

I have been waiting for this day! I could not believe it, they had called me for an interview for my dream job. The interview was at 8am. I was not going to have time to swing by my desk and clean up. This was it. I had to prove to these people that I deserved to get this job. I looked at my hand bag to look over the interview questions for one last time. And it was sitting there, the underwear. How did that happen? I was already out of my car in the garage, what to do…I had to either dump the undie or the job…of course I dumped the underwear…and BTW I did not get the job, maybe it was my good luck charm, should have carried it.

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March 2 I wrote a post about my Mom.   This morning at 2am (Kenyan time), she passed away and went to be with the Lord.  There are two things I will never doubt about my mom, her love for the Lord and her love for her family.  I miss you Mom, but I know that you are in a better place and one day, we shall meet.

Fun Monday

Today’s Fun Monday is hosted by Sayre Smiles.
What are you and your family doing to deal with the current economic situation on a personal level? Obama’s got a plan for the nation, but how do you/will you deal with your own economic stress?

Wow! I am so sorry, I am so late with my Fun Monday post, I am still on slow time. This weekend was my last weekend as an active reservist, it brought mixed feelings and had to take time to mark the transition.

It is no secret that these are hard times, so, what are we doing to manage the economy?

  1. Giving to God his portion
  2. Eating out less and cooking more, that includes carrying lunch from home
  3. Buying store brand as opposed to name brand
  4. Buying in bulk especially things that are used daily.
  5. Going over the weekly store’s flyers and planning menus based on what is on sale
  6. Using my coupons.

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This week’s Fun Monday is hosted by Jo   .  Here is her assignment:

March 2nd is my Mom’s birthday and was her mother’s birthday as well. For this week’s Fun Monday, tell me something fun about your mother and/or her mother. What fun, weird, laughable memories do you have of your Mom or your Grandma?

Happy Birthday Jo’s mom.

I love my mom to death.  I miss her so much, she is far far away in Kenya and we are here. I feel so bad that she does not get to see her grandkids. My mom did everything for us, she went out of her way to make exotic and delicious recipes for us.  The house we lived in did not have electricity and yet she went out of her way to bake for us cakes using a charcoal stove.  It took forever but it was worth the wait.   She worked so hard for us. I know she prays for us (her kids) everyday. 

I loved both my grannys. I rarely saw my mom’s mother and I do not speak Luhya, which is the only language she spoke. When we went to visit, we could not communicate directly but she loved us and made us feel so loved and welcome. She has since passed away and I know she is in heaven.
I was closer to my Dad’s mom. She shared with me the secrets of life. She told me stuff that made me blush but she said that was the job of a grandma. She taught me among other things, how to work the farm and how to carry water on my head. She would come visit us and would be carrying all these goodies from the country including a live chicken.   She was looking forward to meeting her great grandkids.  Unfortunately,  In 2002, she died in a road accident,  It was literally a painful death.  I know she is in heaven with her Lord.  I miss her so dearly. 
thanks for reading about my mom and grandmothers, I feel that this post does not do enough justice to any of them.
My mom on the left and my paternal grandma on the right.

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March Madness

I cannot believe that Henry is 13 months today, time is flying. Soon I will no longer have a baby but a toddler 🙂 I guess you could call him a toddler now. The theme for NaBloPoMo this month is Giving (up). Interesting theme, the way I understand it, you can go either way, talk about giving or talk about things you are giving up. I know quite a few people who have given up facebook for Lent, I do not think I could do that right now. Are you giving up something this month?