This week’s Fun Monday is hosted by Jo   .  Here is her assignment:

March 2nd is my Mom’s birthday and was her mother’s birthday as well. For this week’s Fun Monday, tell me something fun about your mother and/or her mother. What fun, weird, laughable memories do you have of your Mom or your Grandma?

Happy Birthday Jo’s mom.

I love my mom to death.  I miss her so much, she is far far away in Kenya and we are here. I feel so bad that she does not get to see her grandkids. My mom did everything for us, she went out of her way to make exotic and delicious recipes for us.  The house we lived in did not have electricity and yet she went out of her way to bake for us cakes using a charcoal stove.  It took forever but it was worth the wait.   She worked so hard for us. I know she prays for us (her kids) everyday. 

I loved both my grannys. I rarely saw my mom’s mother and I do not speak Luhya, which is the only language she spoke. When we went to visit, we could not communicate directly but she loved us and made us feel so loved and welcome. She has since passed away and I know she is in heaven.
I was closer to my Dad’s mom. She shared with me the secrets of life. She told me stuff that made me blush but she said that was the job of a grandma. She taught me among other things, how to work the farm and how to carry water on my head. She would come visit us and would be carrying all these goodies from the country including a live chicken.   She was looking forward to meeting her great grandkids.  Unfortunately,  In 2002, she died in a road accident,  It was literally a painful death.  I know she is in heaven with her Lord.  I miss her so dearly. 
thanks for reading about my mom and grandmothers, I feel that this post does not do enough justice to any of them.
My mom on the left and my paternal grandma on the right.

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10 thoughts on “Mama!

  1. YOu and your mom have the same smile! I know you feel like you don’t have the words to express your feelings – I don’t know that any of us will feel adequate to this task, but you have expressed your feelings quite well about these women and I feel your loss. We are lucky people to have known them at all, our grandmothers.


  2. AWESOME~~~ I am in such awe of your ancestry and your wonderful blog about your memories and love.

    Mine is posted. Do stop by…once again, it’s a ‘hoot’ of a story.


  3. Great stories. I love the Grandma who evidentlly told you what was what even if it made you blush. My family was so the opposite about talking about things.


  4. I think you should write more — maybe a series of posts dedicated to each of them.
    AND… i would like to see a photo of you attempting to carry water on your head now! I’d pay to see that ha ha ha ha.

    I can see where you get your good looks, by the way!


  5. I think you look a lot like your mother. Your grandmother was great telling you *the secrets of life* mine would never have spoken about anything like that and neither would my mother.


  6. Oh I can only imagine how you must miss your Mom,living so very far away. She sounds like a remarkable, hard working woman and she raised a very kind, loving and hard working daughter. Love the photo of your Mom n Grandmothers. You have your Moms smile.


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