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Today’s Fun Monday is hosted by Sayre Smiles.
What are you and your family doing to deal with the current economic situation on a personal level? Obama’s got a plan for the nation, but how do you/will you deal with your own economic stress?

Wow! I am so sorry, I am so late with my Fun Monday post, I am still on slow time. This weekend was my last weekend as an active reservist, it brought mixed feelings and had to take time to mark the transition.

It is no secret that these are hard times, so, what are we doing to manage the economy?

  1. Giving to God his portion
  2. Eating out less and cooking more, that includes carrying lunch from home
  3. Buying store brand as opposed to name brand
  4. Buying in bulk especially things that are used daily.
  5. Going over the weekly store’s flyers and planning menus based on what is on sale
  6. Using my coupons.

 Head over to Sayre Smiles and you might get some great ideas.  That was a timely topic Sayre.

3 thoughts on “Fun Monday

  1. I need to be better about coupons, but I have discovered that most of the coupons are for things I wouldn’t buy anyway! Mostly junk food and such. But things like laundry and dish soap, toilet paper, coffee – every little bit helps. Maybe I’m looking in the wrong place for my coupons…

    Otherwise, I’d say we use a lot of the same methods for cutting back.

    One thing, though… We got hooked on organic milk (which tastes SO much better!) and used it in everything. However, it’s incredibly expensive, so we buy that to drink but use regular store-brand milk for cooking and cereal and other things where it’s combined with something else.


  2. I’m late getting my rounds this week (very busy)
    I’ve tried store brands, and not all of them are created equal.
    I thought I’d be scratch cooking a lot more now that I’m staying home for awhile – but I’ve found numerous other things to keep me busy.


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