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Here is the assignment:

Anyhow, so there’s this pair of men’s panties (just because that term makes men cringe) on the ground in the parking garage.
I am 99% sure they fell out of someone’s gym bag (not too far away was a pair of gym socks. )
That being said, the truth is never as much fun as what your imagination can come up with… so…
For the March 23rd Fun Monday, What type of tale would you create as to why you had to ditch your underwear in the parking garage at work?
Use your best creative-ness – or, better yet, if this HAS happened to you…please share!

I have been waiting for this day! I could not believe it, they had called me for an interview for my dream job. The interview was at 8am. I was not going to have time to swing by my desk and clean up. This was it. I had to prove to these people that I deserved to get this job. I looked at my hand bag to look over the interview questions for one last time. And it was sitting there, the underwear. How did that happen? I was already out of my car in the garage, what to do…I had to either dump the undie or the job…of course I dumped the underwear…and BTW I did not get the job, maybe it was my good luck charm, should have carried it.

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9 thoughts on “Fun Monday – Unmentionables

  1. Great story, and funny that you didn’t give yourself the job in your own fantasy. But lucky charms are like that. Now I’m hungry for Lucky Charms.


  2. Hahahahha!!!!! Gives a whole new meaning to “lucky underwear”! So… was this a TRUE story???

    I finally got mine up – sorry it’s late!


  3. Hey, Grace… You’ve been on my mind a lot lately. How are you doing? Did you go back to Kenya for your mother’s funeral? How’s Mr. Henry doing?

    I know it’s hard to pick up your life again when something so devastating to the heart happens, but you will in time. Big virtual hugs for you, friend. You are in my thoughts and prayers.


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