Fun Monday

Fun Monday this week is hosted by Hoosier girl.   Her topic is interesting.   Here is what she says: ANYWAY……here’s my topic: Love and Marriage. I have been married twice, once for 14 years, once for a year (long story, for those of you who don’t know me). And now I am mid-40s, involved with a … More Fun Monday


Matumbo literally means ‘stomach’. This post is not for those who have a weak stomach. When bulls or cows are slaughtered, the intestines a.k.a. the stomach, too, are cleaned and cooked and that is what we call matumbo. One can also buy ‘matumbo‘ from a butchery. I am usually weary of eating matumbos but this … More Matumbo


Today marks the demise of our intranet classifieds at work. I am so sad to see it go, people used to sell the most interesting things on that site, from pieces of carpet to pecans to wedding rings. I sold my beloved car, Sati through those classifieds, plus my other wordly possesions like furniture, childrens … More Classifieds

Fun Monday @ Work

Today’s Fun Monday is hosted by my friend Sayre. Here is her assignment: Take your camera to work and take pictures of the things that inspire you as you work or that inspires your coworkers. Ask them (or yourself) what it is about that particular object or picture that makes the work day seem a … More Fun Monday @ Work

Kanda Bongoman

If you love Lingala music, then you have definately heard of Kanda Bongoman, the king of Kwassa Kwassa.   Or if you have travelled from Kisumu to Nairobi in a bus, then they probably played one of his popular songs, Inde moni played from Kisumu to Nakuru and then they hit rewind and it played again from … More Kanda Bongoman

Mandazi na Chai

The average Kenyan drinks Chai (tea) and bread for breakfast. Once in a while, we would have Mandazis with tea. You can buy those humongous ones from a restaurant: Or you can make them at home: As is said, they are so sweet!


Rain, Rain, Rain…but no water…water is a rare commodity where I come from. To take a shower, one has to go and fetch water from the river. When we were kids and we went to visit my maternal grandma, we would at times go and fetch water from the river. My paternal grandma had a … More Water!


I just came back from Kenya, I had gone to say bye to Mom.  We did give her a good send off and I know she is at peace.  Thank you for your prayers and thoughts, continue to keep us in your prayers and thought.  While I was there, I did and saw lots of … More Braids