I just came back from Kenya, I had gone to say bye to Mom.  We did give her a good send off and I know she is at peace.  Thank you for your prayers and thoughts, continue to keep us in your prayers and thought. 

While I was there, I did and saw lots of interesting things, I will be posting them every other day. One of them was to get my hair braided.   It is almost a sin to go to kenya and not have your hair braided and even though my hair was very short, I still did get it braided. There is this particular salon that has been there near my parents house for the longest time, so I decided to go and check if it still existed.  I found the owner still running the place, though her daughter (I remember her being a young girl) was the one doing the braiding.   We then talked and my sister told me the hairstyle I wanted is called “Kuongeza” literally meaning “to add”  It’s called that because as she braids, she keeps on adding the hair extensions, you just have to see her doing it to understand what I am talking about.  Well, 3 hours, $5 later, here is the result:

6 thoughts on “Braids

  1. Wow! Cool braids, I have been wanting to get that done for ages, not that I need extensions but my hair needs taming! LOL! Hugs to you and your family. Happy journey to your mama.


  2. $5??? That’s not fair! 🙂 It looks great! Glad that you made it back home safely – I’m sure your kids and husband missed you!


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