Rain, Rain, Rain…but no water…water is a rare commodity where I come from. To take a shower, one has to go and fetch water from the river. When we were kids and we went to visit my maternal grandma, we would at times go and fetch water from the river. My paternal grandma had a well in the compound and so we rarely went to the river by her house, but when we went, it was always interesting. why you ask? because people went to fetch water, take their cows to drink water, wash clothes and shower in the river!!! yah! While I was at the village this time, I had to fetch water for our showers, some kind people had already brought it from the river and I had to take it to the bathroom. Next time you go to shower, be thankful. Sorry about the date stamp! wrong date…

2 thoughts on “Water!

  1. Wow, it truly is a whole other world. Glad you’re strong enough to fetch water when you have to. Wow.
    Just stopped by to wish you a Happy Easter, but now I feel silly.


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