Today marks the demise of our intranet classifieds at work. I am so sad to see it go, people used to sell the most interesting things on that site, from pieces of carpet to pecans to wedding rings. I sold my beloved car, Sati through those classifieds, plus my other wordly possesions like furniture, childrens stuff plus my big old freezer. I bought my Kitchenaid mixer for a throw away price from there and even exchanged coupons. It is sad to see them go, not only will I miss out on the bargains, but what will I do with my break now?

5 thoughts on “Classifieds

  1. Pam, you are so right, at least that is part of the reason they said they are bringing it down. They said that people are doing side businesses through it and people are selling stuff they should not be selling and someone has to spend their time everyday bringing down adverts. they also said that we can use other methods like Craiglist. I am so going to miss it, anyone wanna buy my play pen?


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