Knoxville Zoo is massive. I wonder what they do with the African animals during the winter I took a vacation and I now need another one. The Classifieds at work are back! I cannot understand why some people take steal other people’s food from the fridge at work. I took the bus to work one … More Ramblings


– the wait is over, she is going to a new school – Kris Allen did win American Idol – I need to go and take a nap – I am glad that Monday is a holiday – I miss being in the reserves – I remember all those who have given their lives while … More ????

Leadership Chattanooga

Today I attended the graduation of one of my supervisors. She was graduating from the 2009 Leadership Chattanooga class. Her group had a very neat project called . This project provides clothing (uniform) for students at Orchard Knob Middle, but to get a piece of clothing, the students have to volunteer their time. They said that … More Leadership Chattanooga

Fun Monday!

Today’s Fun Monday is hosted by Mariposa. She says: Of Guilty Pleasures: Self Pampering Stories… In the midst of the busyness of our lives we tend to get overwhelmed by it that we forget ourselves. Most of us are inclined to look out for others first, yet we deserve to look for ourselves as much … More Fun Monday!


Facebook is really killing my blog but I keep on blogging. I think I am addicted to candy – I need a detox. My kids are growing up too fast. I am beginning to think the 1st service works better for us on Sunday. I need a vacation. Kris Allen should win American Idol. Waiting … More Ramblings