It’s a new month and every new month I try to set new goals for myself, but I never get to accomplish them all, in fact, Day 2 arrives and I have forgotten them, yep, things I wanna do, I just don’t do.
My employer has began this 6 weeks walking program and I joined a team, not only did I join a team, I am their team leader…ha! before, all you did was record the number of steps/miles you walked, jogged or ran. This time, they want us to record the number of minutes you have done any cardio…the catch is, it has to be for 20 continuos minutes for it to be recorded. That to me does not make sense at all! I know people who run 2 miles in under 20 minutes, so, does that count? I know people who it takes them forever to do the same 2 miles, so, they get to get their 40 minutes and yet both burned the same number of calories? we will see how it goes.
My goal for this month is ran at least 30 miles for the month.