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Today’s Fun Monday is hosted by Faye at Summit Musings. Here is her beautiful assignment.  I am sure we will see some beautiful gardens this Monday.

So, as your host for the upcoming Fun Monday, I’m asking you to think about gardening. Do you consider yourself a gardener? Or, just the lawn keeper? When you think of your home, is it important that there are growing and flowering plants in your home landscape? Regardless of where you live–from a city apartment to a farm–do you need to grow something, even if it’s a pot of geraniums on the patio? Do you grow your own food or have childhood memories of helping parents or grandparents grow a vegetable garden? Do you look forward to Saturday morning expeditions to local farmer’s markets to buy the first strawberries or asparagus of the season and talk with the local farmers? Are there public gardens that you love to visit? What do you learn from them? Do you think it’s important to teach your children and grandchldren about growing beautiful vegetables and flowers?

I am not a gardener or a lawn keeper (I have just paid someone money to mow the lawn as I write this) but I wish I was. I have sweet memories of helping my grandmother with her farm. Every school holiday, my Dad would ship my brother and I to stay with my grandma for a week or two. Every morning except Sundays we would wake up early and go till the land.  She grew lots of sweet potatoes, groundnuts, corn and beans.  When she harvested them, she would bring us the fruits of our labor and we felt so proud of ourselves.  This summer I want to be visiting our Sunday market to look for fresh produce.  Last Sunday I did go and apart from yummy looking strawberries, I did not see much produce.  I want to teach Reheme to plant something this summer, I think it is very important. Interesting for Mother’s day, they (Rehema and Henry) both brought me plants and Rehema was comparing her plant to his.
She ‘planted’ something when we went to the zoo a few weeks ago and she has been asking me if when we will go check on it.
Head over to Faye to see the list of garden writers.

9 thoughts on “Fun Monday

  1. Happy Mother’s Day…

    Cute children there…sharing you some plants! 😉

    I also have good memories with my grandparents and their farm…


  2. My parents have an impressive garden and when I take my son out there, he helps out. And he gets to eat the squash, eggplant, collards and other things they grow. He also helps tend the chickens (eggs). I love when he comes home full of stories about how he worked in the garden and what they planted! It also gives him a sense of where food comes from and how much work it is to get it sometimes. I think that’s important.

    Take her back to see how her plant’s doing. I think it’s great that she feels a sense of responsibility for it!


  3. My grandma was a gardener, too. But she was grouchy. She didn’t like help in the garden; she said we got in her way. I think there’s nothing like the thrill of seeing something you’ve planted come up. So much fun.


  4. We can’t all be gardeners. I think it’s wonderful you encourage your children to enjoy plants and planting, too. Soon, they’ll take over the yard.


  5. Its important that children learn about nature and planting. Sounds like your daughter has taken an interest. Thats great, thanks for sharing. BTW cute mothers day photo.


  6. When I was walking the dog in my neighborhood I saw a little family scene that is similar to your expereince with your children. This little guy(4-5 yrs. old) was standing beside the car staring intently at a paper cup in which he’d planted a bright yellow marigold. You could tell he was so proud–and I suspect this was for Mother’s day gift. Talk about building good memories–such as your visits to grandmother’s farm.


  7. Liane Schuessler says:

    I am a budding gardener. I never really cared about plants or gardens until I bought my own place last year. The person I bought it from was really into gardening and landscaping and I feel overwhelmed by all the maintenance that is required… I mean I still have the house to upkeep!

    Recently, however, I’ve started re-landscaping my yard according to what I love and want…. and as a result, I am really getting into it. I am beginning to see the appeal to gardening… and I am ready to plant some veggies and herbs too.


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