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She says:

Of Guilty Pleasures: Self Pampering Stories…

In the midst of the busyness of our lives we tend to get overwhelmed by it that we forget ourselves. Most of us are inclined to look out for others first, yet we deserve to look for ourselves as much or even more. I believe we do!
In fact we all need to learn to pamper ourselves and not just in times when we are stressed.
So for next week, let us share each other’s self pampering stories…may they be from little pleasures to guilty pleasures!
I am so sorry that I do not have self pampering stories, maybe after I read some others, I will start to do better in this area.  I got a gift certificate for a manicure and pedicure and I let it lapse. I feel good after I have gone for a run, does that count as self pampering?  It  just feels good to run, and think, and breathe in the fresh air.  My guilty pleasure is candy.  I eat more candy than I dare to admit.  I am sorry but my post is bland today…head over to Mariposa and get some great self pampering  ideas.

4 thoughts on “Fun Monday!

  1. Its hard to pamper yourself when you have two little kids to look after. You are taking care of yourself by excercise and thats a good thing. Candy is certainly a guilty pleasure, enjoy.


  2. I definitely understand how hard it is to come up with something you consider pampering – however, I think your running qualifies! This is something you do for yourself. It makes you feel good and free and relaxed – which is the whole point! Just because you happen to also accomplish some health benefits as well doesn’t mean it’s not an indulgence!


  3. now don’t you let those gift certificates expire again. Once you’ve had a lovely pedicure, you’ll JUMP at a chance to do it againl.

    Yes.. candy is a pamper of sorts. But not if you eat it all the time. I think a nice chunk of dark chocolate is really a treat for me. I close my eyes and dream about that right now.


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