Facebook is really killing my blog but I keep on blogging.
I think I am addicted to candy – I need a detox.
My kids are growing up too fast.
I am beginning to think the 1st service works better for us on Sunday.
I need a vacation.
Kris Allen should win American Idol.
Waiting is hard.
I want a laptop so bad.
I repierced my ears and they are hurting.


Last time I ran the mile in 10.30.  This time I was going for 8.30.  We were not so many and they all looked so athletic.  I was just trying to figure out  their ages, because all the females that fall between 19 to 39 were in one group.  It started of so fast.  I came in third and the clocked said 8.00 and I knew I was good.  I won my age category and I am very proud of myself. 4 more weeks…

American Idol

I think Adam sounded horrible last night on AI (his second song), I think Simon knew that there is fear that he might not make the final two, so he put in a good word for him. I cannot wait to see who makes the final two.
I think Biggest loser was an upset, I think Tara was the favorite to win, but Helen was the biggest loser. Either way for me, it did not matter, I think they both look so great!

Banana Trees

100_2115One interesting thing that I noticed is that many homes in the city (Nairobi) have banana trees growing in their compounds (yards).  I am not sure if bananas actually grow on those trees in the city, I have just never seen one with actual bananas.  Something also different is that in Kenya, we eat cooked bananas.  Not plantains, but green bananas, I had missed those. Another kind of bananas that I have not seen here (US) are the tiny bananas. We call them sweet bananas. At times we would find two of them stuck together (cojoined for lack of a better word) and we were told that if you ate those, you would give birth to twins. I should have eaten those… 🙂

Fun Monday

Today’s Fun Monday is hosted by Faye at Summit Musings. Here is her beautiful assignment.  I am sure we will see some beautiful gardens this Monday.

So, as your host for the upcoming Fun Monday, I’m asking you to think about gardening. Do you consider yourself a gardener? Or, just the lawn keeper? When you think of your home, is it important that there are growing and flowering plants in your home landscape? Regardless of where you live–from a city apartment to a farm–do you need to grow something, even if it’s a pot of geraniums on the patio? Do you grow your own food or have childhood memories of helping parents or grandparents grow a vegetable garden? Do you look forward to Saturday morning expeditions to local farmer’s markets to buy the first strawberries or asparagus of the season and talk with the local farmers? Are there public gardens that you love to visit? What do you learn from them? Do you think it’s important to teach your children and grandchldren about growing beautiful vegetables and flowers?

I am not a gardener or a lawn keeper (I have just paid someone money to mow the lawn as I write this) but I wish I was. I have sweet memories of helping my grandmother with her farm. Every school holiday, my Dad would ship my brother and I to stay with my grandma for a week or two. Every morning except Sundays we would wake up early and go till the land.  She grew lots of sweet potatoes, groundnuts, corn and beans.  When she harvested them, she would bring us the fruits of our labor and we felt so proud of ourselves.  This summer I want to be visiting our Sunday market to look for fresh produce.  Last Sunday I did go and apart from yummy looking strawberries, I did not see much produce.  I want to teach Reheme to plant something this summer, I think it is very important. Interesting for Mother’s day, they (Rehema and Henry) both brought me plants and Rehema was comparing her plant to his.
She ‘planted’ something when we went to the zoo a few weeks ago and she has been asking me if when we will go check on it.
Head over to Faye to see the list of garden writers.