Mothers Day

DSC03372 I hope y’all beautiful moms had a great Mother’s Day. It was an interesting one for me, bitter-sweet. I did call my sister and talked to her for a little bit. I am glad that this time we got to eat at my first choice of restaurant. Last time they told us they had a one hour wait and so we went to plan B. I love my kids and I thank God for priviledge of being their mom.

10K in 6 weeks

The 10K training in 6 weeks is going splendid.  I ran 3 miles on Monday, and ran 5 miles on Wednesday, Saturday is the long run day.  I really hope I can keep up with this.  I have been going to the gym at work, it is really cool, the treadmills are all new and it is not packed like the other gyms I frequent.
Today we went to register Rehema for Pre-K, signs that my child is growing up and I am getting older too.
Looks like I am going to be finished with my 30 miles next week at this rate.

Fun Monday – Kids

This weeks Fun Monday is hosted by the lovely Karisma. Here is her task…

Your task………We all know our kids and pets are often a great source of amusement to us at the best of times. I want to hear a funny, silly or just downright cute story about your pets or your children. Have they ever done anything to totally embarrass you in public? Have they done something you thought was outrageous at the time, only to laugh at it later? Have they outwitted you in some devious way, only the way a kid can? Come on, out with it! Lets hear the juicy gossip!
For those of you who are too lazy to write, how about posting some funny pictures instead! (Must be of your pets or offspring though!) Have fun with it!

Henry is 15 months, the other day while we were in the grocery store and I was pulling out my money to pay, he pulled out an ‘unmentionable’ from my purse and the cashier and the helper (the person who bags your stuff) burst out laughing.
Like all children, he does not want to go to sleep when it’s time to sleep, so I got a picture of him refusing to lie down in his crib

Rehema on the other hand, entertains and says interesting stuff all the time. One of the embarassing things she has done twice and I have been embrassed both times, is sneezing and creating bubbles at the breakfast table with company. At both occasions I could tell the company was grossed out.

I took her for her 4 year doc appointment the other day and she got 4 shots, she was not a happy camper. They put for her 2 bandaids, which she was protecting with her life. They finally fell off and I was giving her a shower and she was covering the places she had gotten the shots (on her thighs) with her hands and I asked her why she was doing that, she answered: “I do not want the shots to come out”

Yesterday she asked a pregnant woman, “Is there a baby in your tummy?”  I was so glad that  there was a baby in that woman’s tummy.

Isn’t she sweet?


Head over to Karismas’ and read about lovely kids and pets.


It’s a new month and every new month I try to set new goals for myself, but I never get to accomplish them all, in fact, Day 2 arrives and I have forgotten them, yep, things I wanna do, I just don’t do.
My employer has began this 6 weeks walking program and I joined a team, not only did I join a team, I am their team leader…ha! before, all you did was record the number of steps/miles you walked, jogged or ran. This time, they want us to record the number of minutes you have done any cardio…the catch is, it has to be for 20 continuos minutes for it to be recorded. That to me does not make sense at all! I know people who run 2 miles in under 20 minutes, so, does that count? I know people who it takes them forever to do the same 2 miles, so, they get to get their 40 minutes and yet both burned the same number of calories? we will see how it goes.
My goal for this month is ran at least 30 miles for the month.