June is here, Henry turns 16 months today and he has finally decided its time to start walking on his two feet. Pretty exciting to watch. Rehema is in shock, it must be interesting to watch him grow through her eyes. Summer school is here too for Rehema, she is pretty excited about swimming.

I successfully achieved my May fitness goals. I had set out to run/bike 30 miles and I actually did do 45. This month I am going for 80 miles total…Wow! Sounds daunting but I am excited about achieving that goal. This month is also the 10K race month, so much to look forward too…keeping fit, one month at a time. Happy June!

One thought on “June

  1. Yay!!!! Congratulations on meeting your running goals (and surpassing them!). I hope to be where you are in a couple of months!


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