Fun Monday is hosted by Lil Mouse. Here is the assignment:
Obviously, knowing all of you bloggers out there, you broke the mold the day you were born, but what else happened? Did anything funny, serious, or sad occur on the same day in history that you were born, a birth, death or a sports record set? 

My birthday is on January 1st.

– New years day

– 1863 – January 1
President Abraham Lincoln issues the Emancipation Proclamation, which legally frees all of the African American slaves in Confederate states. Though the Proclamation affects few slaves immediately, it encourages others to escape. For more, see our in-depth article on the American Civil War.

 This info is taken from this site.

Head over to Lil Mouse and read what happened on people’s birthdays.

5 thoughts on “Fun Monday

  1. Now THAT is a cool event!!! I had a slightly different take on how to do this – going for my actual birth day – when not much happened at all, but for the fact that I joined the world!


  2. Your birthday gives a lot of people headaches when they wake up. ha ha. Not me, I never see the New Year in — I go to bed and start the year out rested. This year I’ll wake up and think Happy Birthday Mama Rehema.


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