Fun Monday!

Fun Monday today is hosted by Church Lady. Here is her fun assignment:

Post a photo of your purse and if you care to share, describe what’s inside your purse.

I am posting a photo of my latest purse, I bought it when I was home in April. I think it is very unique.

What’s inside my purse?
Car keys
House Keys
Another set of keys
4 pens
tonnes of coupons
Cell Phone
Old receipts
Small Diary
Pedometer (wrong spot)
If I don’t carry my lunch bag, I will put a snack in a ziplog bag and put in there too!


Head over to Church Lady and see what purses people carry and what they carry in them.  Have a Fun Monday!

13 thoughts on “Fun Monday!

  1. oooooooh…I like that purse.
    sounds like it is full of stuff just like mine. I’d cleaned out the old receipts recently so I didn’t have those to report.
    (we save our receipts and add up the tax for our tax report at the end of the year)


  2. Cool purse! I really like the texture and colors! I had to laugh at your four pens, I have six in my purse right now! I know when it is time to clean out the purse, when our pen and pencil drawer has no pens because they are all in my purse!


  3. Very unique and classy purse! I love it! I have to laugh at everyone for carrying more than one pen in their purse! It does seem that when you go to grab one, they disappear into that unknown place in your purse! Thanks for sharing today, and did you say you would host next week?


  4. i love the colors an style of your purse. You got me beat with pens, I only have two in my purse. Seems like everyone has at least four. Happy FM


  5. Now this is a bag I really like. I would carry that around just coz it looks good! How lovely!

    Long time no see, hope you are well. Hugs xxx


  6. margaret says:

    Beautiful purse! Wow – you ladies all have some gorgeous accessories here. I need to get with the program 😉 Thanks for offering to host next FM! I will stop by again to see the topic…


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