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DSC03852 When we moved to the US, our July 4th gig was a road trip, we would drive all the way from Chattanooga to New Jersey to go visit with our cousins and also some friends who lived in Maryland, something like 16 hours! Then we had Rehema and we thought driving would be too much for her, so we flew. and it was just too much. From then on we decided that we will be spending July 4th here and about. Saturday night we went to my place of work to see the fireworks from there.

Kenya celebrates its Independence Day on 12 December. It was on 12th December 1963, when Kenya was granted its full Independence (from the British), but it became a republic in 1964 with Jomo Kenyatta as its first president. When we were younger, December 12th was a fun holiday, it was a big deal for the nation. The one and only TV station at that time would start broadcasting at 10 am as oppossed to 5pm on a weekday. If you did not have a TV and you lived in a big enough town, you would go to the stadium to watch the day’s celebrations. If you lived in Nairobi (the Capital City), you could go to see and listen to the President give his speech at this park called Uhuru (freedom) park. Before the speech was given, there was a parade which included a military parade, manufacturing companies displaying their products and all and there was entertainment, choirs, dancers, they usually had a mass choir which consisted of adults from different choirs and a mass choir consisting of kids from different schools in the city. These celebrations were a big deal. It was fun to watch on TV. One interesting policy was that (this has now changed) businesses like the grocery stores or restaurants were not allowed to open for business until the President had given his speech which was usually a little after noon.
Hope you had a great  and safe July 4th, Janis is hosting next Fun Monday – July 13th, be sure to stop by during the week to check what the assignment is.

7 thoughts on “Fun Monday – Independence Day

  1. Grace….thanks for hosting!!! I must say, I ♥LOVE♥ the family portrait of you and your adorable kids!!! How very sweet.

    My F M is now posted. Again, thanks for hosting.


  2. There is nothing like celebrating with fireworks, what a thrill to watch. I get a kick out of watching the kids faces. Interesting facts about Kenya’s Independence, thans for sharing. Your kids are growing like weeds, nice family photo. Thanks for letting people know that I am hosting next week. Have a great day Grace.


  3. I enjoyed learning about Kenya’s Independence and how it is celebrated. Glad you got to take the kids to see the fireworks. It is always a thrill! What a great family photo! Thanks for hosting FM – it was a great topic!


  4. Wow – now that is fascinating, about Kenya’s independence day! Thank you for sharing, and for hosting! Happy FM to you!


  5. How interesting!!! YOu connected a lot of dots for me with Lt. Uhura of Star Trek too. I never really thought about her name before, but here was a black woman playing an equal back in the 1960s on a show set somewhere in the future… Freedom. Your blog touched off a rather involved discussion at my house!

    Happy 4th – and thanks for hosting this week!


  6. Very interesting! I enjoyed learning something new about a different country…far more interesting hearing it from you than just reading about it in a book! Sounds like Dec. 12th was a fun day for you! Do you still celebrate it now that you’re here?

    Thanks for hosting this week and hope you have a wonderful week!


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