Fun Monday

This week’s Fun Monday is hosted by Janis. Here is the assignment:

Since the Lazy Hazy Days of summer are upon us now, tell us what activities you enjoy doing outside and how do you stay cool. Share some photos of both if you wish.

I am not sure we have any concrete summer plans but to be really lazy. I got a zoo membership so that I could take the kids to the local zoo every so often. We already visited the Knoxville Zoo and that was fun.
I am planning on taking them to the Creative Discovery Museum too. They have some free days and I also have some passes.
DSC03583Swimming is becoming a big part of our lives. I enrolled the baby girl for swimming lessons and she loves it. I will definately take the baby boy to the pool too.
We are having Movies in the Park on saturday nights during the month of July. Hopefully we will catch one, one of these nights.
Head over to Janis and read how people are spending their summer.


6 thoughts on “Fun Monday

  1. Lazy sounds quite divine to me right now! Can I come too? PUleeessssseeeee!!!! I promise to behave myself! (well most of the time, hehe). I just love the Zoo, we are off to ours soon too. Went and played with the sharks a couple of weeks ago. Must post about it soon. My blog is so neglected. I have missed your little cutie pie babies! Big hugs and smoochies xxxooooo


  2. Lazy sounds wonderful! I always have so much that needs to be done – to my house, for my parents.. and there is always work. I rarely feel like I get “time off”. I’m going to take some though! Atlanta has a big aquarium and I’m taking my boy to see it before school starts. A little vacation for us!


  3. The zoo is great fun, I have not been to one in years. That is great that little Rehema is taking swim lessons, its a very important thing to learn. Thanks for playing FM Grace.


  4. It’s great to start your kiddies off with the Discovery Center. In downtown Louisville we have a children’s science museum. It’s so interactive from rock climbing to experiments–fun way for children and parents to learn together while having fun. Sounds like you’re taking full advantage of your community offerings for the summer. Enjoy!


  5. Perfect summer activities for children. I love my weekly trip to the pool and it’s so important children learn to swim at an early age.


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