Fun Monday is hosted by Gattina. Her assignment was pretty interesting:

That’s why I just want to know what you call a messy place and put a picture of it in your post. It’s just to compare, if I am messy …
It can be a room, your basement, the attic, a drawer or whatever, but it has to be messy !
Those who are the perfect housewives or men, please leave one room or other place untouched for 24 h !

Easy assignment for me, I chose a space that we dumb everything and anything.

I tried to redeem myself, so I have an after picture:
I had to remove the ladder from there because I came back and found someone had climbed it 🙂

Head over to Gattina’s and see what other people have posted, it should be interesting.

3 thoughts on “Fun Monday

  1. Oh I missed Fun Monday for several weeks now — but I will be back I swear it.

    Every room in my house is messy right now. But it will wait.
    what else can it do.. ha ha.


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