Chicken Curry Masala!

I am loving the recipes from Kayotic Kitchen. The latest I tried was Chicken Curry Masala! (not to be confused with the Chicken Tikka Masala)Soooo good! I actually have the Chicken Curry Masala spice and I had tried to use it before and was not too sure about it. This time, it was perfect. I found out though that next time I need to use only half of the oil she calls for in the recipe, because I ended up with what we used to call when we were younger “top layer”. I ended up making a few chapatis to go with it, so good! 


3 thoughts on “Chicken Curry Masala!

  1. Will probably have to try this too – My MOM loves the Chicken Tikka Masala – makes it several times a week to rave reviews!


  2. My mom doesn’t have a blog – she just likes visiting other blogs.

    BTW – you inspired Fun Monday this week (I’m hosting)!


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