Fun Monday!

This week’s Fun Monday is hosted by Jan.  Here is her fun topic:

Hey all you out there in the blogosphere…I am your hostess for Fun Monday on August 31 and here is the challenge, its an easy one. Since September is just around the corner, all the TV shows will be having their premiers throughout the month. What kind of TV viewer are you? Do you like sitcoms or do you prefer drama. Are soap operas your cup of tea or murder mysteries. Game, variety and reality shows are big this year too. These are just a few examples. Share with us your favorite shows and why you like it or them so much.
I have to confess that I am a recovering TV addict, I do not watch as much TV as I used to do before I had children.  Now I watch a few shows.   We do not subscribe to cable so we only get the basic channels.   I don’t watch soap operas maybe because they run during the day and the stories seem to go on forever and ever.  I like game shows and I like some reality shows.  My favorite reality show right now is Big Brother and for those who are following it,  I want Michelle to win.  I am also “So you think you can dance” fan over “Dancing with the Stars” though I watch them both.  I prefer the former just because they are kids and I think they have to learn much more with little as opposed to  “Dancing with the Stars” cast. Also the “Dancing with the Stars” cast are people who are known so they already have a fan base that can tap into but the unknown kids have to work for their votes.  I also watch “The Bachelor/Bachelorette” even though I know that they will choose the wrong person and they will never stay together.  and after every episode, I ask myself, why do I watch this program?  I used to litsen to News every morning via my TV/Radio at work but when they made the switch over, my radio cannot get the stations anymore.
Head over to Jan and read what people are watching or not watching.  Have a Fun Monday!

Raccoon Mountain Race part 2

I woke up early to go and take part in the Raccoon Mountain Race.  I was so excited to be using my Nike+ sports kit for the first time.  The weather was perfect, the crowd was a good size.  We started off a few minutes after 7.30 am.  Its usually intimidating when you start the race, everyone takes off so fast and everyone passes you.  After a few minutes, I was informed that I had completed 1k. Then we reached the point where the 10K turns right, and 5K turns left.  Before I reached the mid point, I was informed again that I had reached the mid-point.  ok.  well, on the way back, my goal was to pass 10 people, I managed to pass 14 people and came in second for my age group.  My Nike+ sporks kit clocked in 5.9Km.  It was a great run and I will be back next year.

Day 13

I own so so many pedometers and all of them were given to me at different points.  But they have never worked for me, the last fancy one I had fell of my belt clip.  So, I took it to another level and bought an Nike+ Ipod Sports kid.  You connect it to your ipod, put the sensor in your shoe and you program how far you want to run etc.  It tells you how far you have gone.  I am so excited and I cannot wait to use it on saturday.  I am tired of putting guess work into my running, at times you think you have run a certain distance and then you discover that you were short…the three weeks program continues.

BB update, I hope Russell does not go home, will make the finals more interesting. just a wish…doesn’t help me in life

Day 12

I went shopping for groceries today, I picked 2% cheese, fat free ice cream and avoided high fructose corn syrup like the plague.  Though some people say that high fructose corn syrup is not bad for you, not sure I believe them.  It was a busy day today, we had a ceremony at work where my supervisors and other supervisors were honored for their support of the troops…lovely ceremony.

Day 11

Today I got accepted into the Thrive program at work.  Thrive program is a 8 weeks program where you do work outs in a group.  You stay with the same group for the 8 weeks and meet twice a week for strength workouts  with a Coach.  I am excited about it!  I am still doing my 3 weeks program and I am halfway there.  You do cardio on your own and they have nutrition classes too.  Hope you are all keeping fit.

Back To School

Today’s Fun Monday is hosted by Faye and her topic is very timely. Here is her assignment:
Last Thursday the big yellow school buses hit the road, picking up students from all over the county for the first day of school. Those students ranged from scared and excited kindergartners to sophisticated high schoolers. However, I’m sure they all shared the same feelings: excitement at meeting old and new friends, concerns about liking and getting along with new teachers, were they dressed “right”, and would they fit in this year? Some may even be thinking about what they’d be learning this year–would they like their subjects and could they do the work?

–If so, what would you like to learn? Something job related to improve your work performance? Technology skills to keep up with the modern times? Personal financial management skills? Stress management strategies? Playing bridge? Belly dancing? Writing? Better blogging? Speaking another language? Car maintenance? DIY home improvements? You get the idea–the list of learning options for adults is endless.

–Are you currently taking a class or online study? What is this experience like? What are you learning?

–If not actually in a class, how do you learn something new? Tutorials on computer or TV? How to books? One on one with an instructor or coach? Practice on your own?

How about you? Do you also get that “Back to School” feeling even though you’re all grown up? As your host for this week’s Fun Monday, and incurable student myself, I’m asking you to share your thoughts on lifelong learning:

–Do you still think of yourself as a student? A lifelong learner?
The reason why I say her topic is very timely is because, today August 24th, I officially go back to school and I am so scared!  I keep on wondering if I will ever be able to submit my assignments on time, I am a procrastinator.  The first class I am taking is Statistics, and the last time I took statistics, it was not pretty.  I thought it would be a great idea to start with it and get it out of the way.  Please, pray for me.  My goal is to graduate before I hit the big birthday.

Head over to
Faye and read what other eager learners are up to.  Have a Fun Monday.