Missions Month

August is Missions month at our church .     They have some very cool t-shirts for sale for only $10 to support the missions ministry at church.  Every year we have short terms missions to many different countries.  Have you ever been on a missions trip?  Those trips are life changing.   A few years ago (when I lived in Kenya), I went on a mission trip to a refugee camp in Kakuma, in Turkana in Northern Kenya.  I will never forget the time I spent there and the people I met.  This is a HUGE refugee camp that is run by the UNHCR and it hosts about 21% of the total refugee population in Kenya, they say that there are a little over 91 000 people in the camp.  Kakuma hosts people from more than 6 different countries and they do live in harsh conditions but the UN does their best, that place is hot!  We would go ‘house to house’ sharing with them about the love of Jesus and listening to their stories.  On Sunday, we went to different churches in the camp and the Christians their were so strong in their faith.   We also visited people living in Turkana and that was interesting in itself, it is a totally different life.    Most of the woman were gone looking for water, the kids have been left to look after the few animals they might have.  Little kids were sorting through the sand (its desert) looking for small pebbles of gold so as to sell.  The government was paying their parents money to take their kids to school (Primary Education is free in Kenya).  I went back home changed in many ways and appreciative of what we have.  I would definately want to go for another mission trip soon.


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