I just came to my computer to log in something and checked out Fun Monday.  I am pretty late in posting so I will post and will try to have the picture up this week.  The lovely host is lilmouse.  The topic is rather challenging but I love it. 

 This week, I challenge you to show us your scars. Scars can be physical or emotional, they can be a reminder of something good or a warning against repeating past actions. They are often (like most experiences) great teachers. If it’s a physical scar, tell us how you got it, if you learned anything from the experience, and what you think of when you see it. If it’s an emotional scar, how did you come by it and what has it taught you?

I have many many scars, in fact as I write, I have one in the making, it has a big old band-aid on it, but that is a story for another day, even my four year old was shocked when I told her what happened.  I am going to talk about the oldest t scar because I remember it like it was yesterday, but infact it was 3 decades ago.  When I was growing up, my mom left me in the charge of a baby sitter, she was a live in baby sitter, we call them house helps and She did other domestic chores too.  One day it was bath time and she usually gave me a bath around 4 pm.  She would boil the water (we did not have running hot water), put it in a bath tub and then go and fetch the cold water to mix it with.  She had poured the hot water in the bath tub and as she went to fetch the cold water, she left me standing next to the bath tub and asked me to undress.  As I was removing my dress, somehow I trip and fell into the steaming hot water and my right hand landed in the bath tub.  I screamed and she came running.  Now, we did not have a phone, she wrapped me in a towel, carried me and started running to my mom’s office to ask her what to do.    This was like a 20 minutes walk in the meanwhile, my hand had a big old blister on it.   We reached and my mom almost fainted when she saw my hand, the next thing I knew I was been taken to the doctor’s office.  I was not burnt that badly and I do not remember what the doctor did, all I remember I came home with a huge bandage on my hand.  I did not go to school like for a week.  From that day onwards, I had a fear for hot water.

The second scar I have is a very important tiny little scar, it is a small pox vaccine scar.  This is the scar you wanted to have if you went to the elementary school I went to.  The small pox vaccine was one of the vaccines we were required to get when we were growing up.  The process was long and scary since they gave you a live vaccine and because of that, I think many moms did not take their infants for it.  When we were in elementary school (primary school) the vaccine people usually paid a visit every term.  They would look at your hand, if you had the ‘scar’ you were saved.  If you did not have the scar, they gave you the vaccine that very day in school.  There was a lot of crying that day…I still have my scar.

Head over to Lilmouse and read about other scars.  Have a Fun Monday!


7 thoughts on “Scars

  1. Getting burnt is the most painful scar you can get. Thank God it was just your hand. I forgot about the small pox vaccination, I still have my scar, forgot all about it. Now I have to add that to my physical scar list which will bring it up to two. Thanks for sharing Grace. Happy FM


  2. I guess we missed out on small pox vaccine and there was not a chicken pox vaccine yet, so I have a scar on my face from scratching at my chicken pox, which I had from the top of my head to the bottoms of my feet, and inside my mouth even! It was not a very good time, but luckily I was small enough not to notice too much about it except for the itching! Thanks for sharing your story!


  3. In cataloging my scars, I forgot about the vaccine scars… I haven’t written my blog yet, but will sometime today…

    Burns on tender baby skin… that hurts just to think about!


  4. I had a smallpox vaccine when I was very small. I really don’t remember it much, except for a wee scar on my left arm. I looked for it recently and can’t find it.

    Ouchies for your burned hand. So glad you didn’t get any more of your body in there.


  5. I have never been badly burned other than by Mr. Sun. I guess it’s a good thing your whole body did not land in that boiling water! Whew! Still, a very frightening experience for a young child.


  6. Scalding your hand must have been a terrible for you and the baby sitter who should have been taking care of you. I bet she was scared!
    I forgot all about my small pox scar which is actually quite visible on my arm.


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