Day 5

‘The things I hate, I end up doing, things I wanna do, I just don’t do…”  Today I came to work and some one had put a candy bag on my desk.  A bag with mini chocolates, chips and cookies.  What am I supposed to do?  I decided I am not going to open it, that did not last long, then I decided, I am going to eat only the cookies, that did not last long, 8 hours later, half the candy is gone.  I can do ALL the exercise I want, but if I do not watch what I am eating, it’s all in vain.  well, tomorrow is another day and I am still on.

What do you do when you go to the bathroom, and your workmate walks out of the bathroom (after using it) without washing her hands…well, maybe I can live with that and avoid her like the plague, but she should not blame the government when she gets the Typhoid or swine flu…but this is even worse, what if the person who is walking out the the bathroom is a restaurant worker? Do you tell the manager that one of his/her employees did not wash their hands after using the bathroom?  even though there are all these signs all over the bathrooms asking them to wash their hands? eeeew!  Beware, they could be your next server!


2 thoughts on “Day 5

  1. If it were a restaurant, I think I’d tell the manager. If that employee’s carelessness or cavalier attitude causes some kind of outbreak that shuts down the restaurant or even (God forbid) kills someone, it would be a disaster for the employee, the restaurant, the manager and innocent people.


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