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Today’s Fun Monday is hosted by Faye and her topic is very timely. Here is her assignment:
Last Thursday the big yellow school buses hit the road, picking up students from all over the county for the first day of school. Those students ranged from scared and excited kindergartners to sophisticated high schoolers. However, I’m sure they all shared the same feelings: excitement at meeting old and new friends, concerns about liking and getting along with new teachers, were they dressed “right”, and would they fit in this year? Some may even be thinking about what they’d be learning this year–would they like their subjects and could they do the work?

–If so, what would you like to learn? Something job related to improve your work performance? Technology skills to keep up with the modern times? Personal financial management skills? Stress management strategies? Playing bridge? Belly dancing? Writing? Better blogging? Speaking another language? Car maintenance? DIY home improvements? You get the idea–the list of learning options for adults is endless.

–Are you currently taking a class or online study? What is this experience like? What are you learning?

–If not actually in a class, how do you learn something new? Tutorials on computer or TV? How to books? One on one with an instructor or coach? Practice on your own?

How about you? Do you also get that “Back to School” feeling even though you’re all grown up? As your host for this week’s Fun Monday, and incurable student myself, I’m asking you to share your thoughts on lifelong learning:

–Do you still think of yourself as a student? A lifelong learner?
The reason why I say her topic is very timely is because, today August 24th, I officially go back to school and I am so scared!  I keep on wondering if I will ever be able to submit my assignments on time, I am a procrastinator.  The first class I am taking is Statistics, and the last time I took statistics, it was not pretty.  I thought it would be a great idea to start with it and get it out of the way.  Please, pray for me.  My goal is to graduate before I hit the big birthday.

Head over to
Faye and read what other eager learners are up to.  Have a Fun Monday.


9 thoughts on “Back To School

  1. You brave woman!!! I remember my first husband struggling through statistics – but he made it. You will too!

    I think you may have a different kind of scared than most kindergartners… You know the value of what you’re doing and they have no idea WHY they need to do this.


  2. Oh my, I do remember taking statistics. But why an English major needed that subject is another matter. For sure though Grace you’ll handle it better as an adult learner because you have the motivation to learn. Good luck and we’ll be happy to help you celebrate that good grade, which I know you’ll earn!


  3. I admire you as to me statistics does not sound a particularly captivating subject. Although having said that I did have to cover the topic on a course I did years ago when I was working. One of the things that sticks in my mind is how easy it is to use data to manipulate the results.
    Anyway I do wish you luck and I’m sure you will succeed.


  4. good for you taking the hard course first. Delay in gratification. You will do fine because you want to. Good luck in your studies. Thanks for sharing Grace and happy FM. BTW I am hosting next week, so come on over and sign up this wed. 🙂


  5. I took a Sadistics class when I was working on my Master’s…the only thing I can remember are t-scores and z-scores and that I nearly went crazy.
    Good luck…you will do it ! Actually, I don’t really believe in luck, you just make it happen.


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