Raccoon Mountain Race part 2

I woke up early to go and take part in the Raccoon Mountain Race.  I was so excited to be using my Nike+ sports kit for the first time.  The weather was perfect, the crowd was a good size.  We started off a few minutes after 7.30 am.  Its usually intimidating when you start the race, everyone takes off so fast and everyone passes you.  After a few minutes, I was informed that I had completed 1k. Then we reached the point where the 10K turns right, and 5K turns left.  Before I reached the mid point, I was informed again that I had reached the mid-point.  ok.  well, on the way back, my goal was to pass 10 people, I managed to pass 14 people and came in second for my age group.  My Nike+ sporks kit clocked in 5.9Km.  It was a great run and I will be back next year.

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