Fun Monday

Sayre was kind enough to host Fun Monday again. Her topic is fun:

If you had a WEEK with no obligation and money was no object, what would you do with it?

If I had a week with no obligations and money was no object, I would definately take the next plane (there is now a direct flight) with my family and go home to Kenya and spend time (and money) with my family in Kenya. I would visit ALL my relatives that I can in that time frame and say to them thanks for the support they gave us all when my mom passed away. I feel like I did not have enough time with them. It would be a busy busy week but I believe it would be a fun week.
Go over to Sayre and read what people would do with their week. Thanks for playing and have a fun week.

BB finale

Ok, who should Jordan take to the final two?  Kevin or Natalie?  Kevin says he will take Jordan.  Jordan says she will take Natalie.
Natalie is lying to Jordan, she is suggesting that they should stay friends after the game.  She is just trying to get Jordan over to her side.
Natalie and Kevin are now talking.  Kevin has told Natalie that he will take Jordan.  Natalie is mad and she is now telling Kevin that he is full of it.  Kevin, please, don’t take Natalie, she is a hoax.   my kids are now fighting over Kermit? the frog.
The hostess of BB is wearing an outfit that looks like a snugli. That’s all I am saying.
Michelle has gone to the jury house. Jesse is so happy about it. Russell and Jeff are not happy.
The jury is debating who should win. Jeff is fighting for his Jordan. I cannot believe Russell is talking for Natalie. aaargh! I do not want Natalie to win.
should be doing my homework, but I am sitting here watching Big Brother…this is crazy. Will leave after Kevin and Natalie fight it out.
Jordan & Kevin
Tie breaker, you know how Jordan does on those tie breakers…hope she writes a small number
Jordan wins HOH. Who would have thought? She better take Natalie!
Jordan has made the right choice, she is going with Natalie. I feel bad that Natalie is getting $50 000 but I think Jordan is winning.
May the best person win!
Yay! Jordan wins Big Brother!



I was sitting in an office with Director and my boss, one of the missionary wives comes in and says, a plane has crashed into a building. Ok. We worked in a hanger and we had planes, so we were wondering, what is she talking about? Then she said, in the US . Ok. She then left and came back and said, another plane has crashed. This was not looking good. We still had not idea what was happening. It was then time to go home. The gas station near the airport was giving away free gas, so there was a huge traffic jam and we now were at a standstill. We then put on the radio and they were all talking about the plane crashes but nothing was making sense. Finally, we reached home and put on the TV and we could not believe what we were seeing. Horrible things were happening. It was scary and we did not know what to think. It brought back the bad memories of the time the Embassy had been attacked, the suffering, the screaming, the missing persons, the phone calls, the flying glass, the blood, the anxiety, the day people we knew lost their lives. Peace.

Ruby Falls

Monday, Labor Day,  we decided to go and see Ruby Falls, I mean, people come from all over to see these falls, we better go before it dries up.  The place was packed, we then crammed into an elevator for our shift.  It is a mile walk to the falls in the cave, half the time is spent standing and letting the survivors (those who have already seen the falls and are on their way back) pass.  Finally, we reached the falls.  6 minutes later, it was all dark, it was time to go back, because we had seen the Ruby Falls.



Today’s Fun Monday is hosted by the lovely Sayre and she wants to
…see your furbabies. Or scalebabies. Or finbabies. Whatever form your pet takes, I want to see a picture of it/them and hear the story of how it/they came to be a part of your family.
UPDATE: Don’t have pets? Share your skin-babies!!!

Ok. I got both…my furbaby does not really have fur, and they would not let me bring him over and so the pic I have with him is not so great, but you still get to see him, right? He is tame, (yeah, right) has 24 hours care and has all this land to himself.

as for my skin-babies:
Hope you are having a fun labor day, head over to Sayre for some fun photos.