Today’s Fun Monday is hosted by the lovely Sayre and she wants to
…see your furbabies. Or scalebabies. Or finbabies. Whatever form your pet takes, I want to see a picture of it/them and hear the story of how it/they came to be a part of your family.
UPDATE: Don’t have pets? Share your skin-babies!!!

Ok. I got both…my furbaby does not really have fur, and they would not let me bring him over and so the pic I have with him is not so great, but you still get to see him, right? He is tame, (yeah, right) has 24 hours care and has all this land to himself.

as for my skin-babies:
Hope you are having a fun labor day, head over to Sayre for some fun photos.


12 thoughts on “Skin-Babies?

  1. OH, my!!!! I think you win hands-down in the unusual pet department!!!! Love the rhino! I’ll bet he was a lot of fun to have around.

    And your skin-babies are just precious! Those smiles – infectious. I’m smiling even more now.


  2. Wow…a Rhino for a pet, now that is different. Your little skin babies are adorable and growing so fast. Thanks for sharing Grace and Happy FM


  3. A pet Rhino? WOW! Now I would NOT like to clean up after him! Dogs are bad enough!

    As for your skin babies! Just as gorgeous as ever! How do you stand all that cuteness????


  4. Gee wiz! I would not have thought about having a pet rhino. How neat is that?? I guess when you live in the city a pet like that is out of the question.

    Your skin babies are dreamy!


  5. Does your most unusual pet stay with the grandparents? 🙂 Love you new blog header featuring the skinbabies. They are a whole lot of cute going on!


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