I was sitting in an office with Director and my boss, one of the missionary wives comes in and says, a plane has crashed into a building. Ok. We worked in a hanger and we had planes, so we were wondering, what is she talking about? Then she said, in the US . Ok. She then left and came back and said, another plane has crashed. This was not looking good. We still had not idea what was happening. It was then time to go home. The gas station near the airport was giving away free gas, so there was a huge traffic jam and we now were at a standstill. We then put on the radio and they were all talking about the plane crashes but nothing was making sense. Finally, we reached home and put on the TV and we could not believe what we were seeing. Horrible things were happening. It was scary and we did not know what to think. It brought back the bad memories of the time the Embassy had been attacked, the suffering, the screaming, the missing persons, the phone calls, the flying glass, the blood, the anxiety, the day people we knew lost their lives. Peace.