Tandoori Chicken Curry

When I was at home in April, I went shopping for spices since they are so pricey here. I think I got this for the equivalent of $1.50. I stocked up and one spice that I picked was Tandoori. Today I decided to look for a Tandoori chicken recipe and found one here that I am trying out today. It seems like a very easy recipe.
The potatoes are already looking good, the chicken is cooking as I write this:

Day 19

I have a Biometrics test this morning and so I am supposed to fast for this test, when I was scheduling it, I did not remember that. oh well, a few hours of no food will definately not kill me.
Nothing to write home about, hope you have a great day.

BB update: Way to go Michele

Day 18

This is my last week of the 3 weeks program, I definately think it has made some difference and it has prepared me for the Thrive program that we start on the 14th.  At least I will not be sore after lifting weights on the 14th and I wont be walking funny either.  Those lunges can kill someone.  I am still deciding whether I should do the Half-Marathon or not, not sure about jumping from a 5k to 13.1 miles, I still have 10 weeks to decide, meanwhile I guess I should be hitting the tarmack or treadmill regularly.

BB…power of veto should go to Michelle.