It’s about time I made a budget.  I have operated for 9 years without a budget and that is not good.  I bet I am throwing away some monies.  Good thing is that, apart from my baby’s hospital bill, the only debt we have ever had is our mortgage so I think we are doing okay, but I would like to do better.  I do carry shopping lists to the grocery store and stick to it most of the time, but that’s about it.  I want to sit down and write a budget for the month of November.  I guess it will help if I start with that elusive menu.

Fun Monday – Sunday Mornings


Fun Monday today is hosted by Writer Cramps.  Here is her assignment.

As a lot of Americans are thinking about what to wear at Halloween, but not the rest of the world, I thought it would be nice to see what you are wearing on sundays or days you are not working when you get out of your bed. I not necessarily mean your pyjama, but what you wear before you get dressed. A bathrobe perhaps, or a jogging suit etc. The question therefore is : What are you wearing when you get out of your bed on a Sunday morning. Of course I want to see a picture of what you wear, with you inside or not.

We usually go to the second service, so I wake up at 9am, shower, shower the kids, have breakfast and off we go.  One of my boss’ went to Washington and brought me a T-Shirt.  She brought it, she realized it was too big and gave it to me anyway and said, you can make it a sleep shirt.  So I wear it when I am giving the kids a bath.  I got me a model to put it on for me.

Head over to Writer Cramps and see what people adorn in the morning, have a Fun Monday.

Smart Choices No More!

The smart choices label program has been suspended over FDA concern.  Just the other day, I picked up Froot Loops and it had the Smart Choices label and I wondered how Froot Loops could be good for you when it had so much sugar.  Well, I am glad that they have suspended it because I believe it was kinda of misleading.  Some foods in the program were smart choices but others were questionable.

Baby Girl

Baby girl was not feeling well this weekend, on Sunday she was worse.  So, I joined the hoardes of panicking parents and took her to the PM Pediatrics that we have.  The last two times I have been there, there have been only only one or two patients.  Wow, I walked in at 6.05 pm, it opens at 6 pm, and there were like 5 other parents.  All to say, 3 hours later is when we were leaving.    I think next time I will just wait for the next day and go to the regular doctor.  The PA who saw her, said she had some inflamation and prescribed breathing treatments which she hates and wants to avoid like the plague.  Well, I hope she feels better soon, it’s kinda different at the house when she is not talking our ears off.

Fun Monday – Hairy Tales

Fun Monday is hosted by Marmee.  She wants to read our hairy tales.

Ok, this was going to be about hyphenated people but that will just have to wait for another time. Instead, I would like to hear and/or see hair horror stories. My daughter works with a guy whose sister’s brother’s cousin’s mother-in-law’s gardener is going to cosmetology school. This student needed a brave soul with long hair who was not afraid to have short hair.

I do have a scary hairy tale but my hubby fixed it. I was desperate for a hair cut so I went to this salon that I had not been for a long time.  The hairdresser said something like “where have you been, you have been gone so long”  That is the moment that I should have turned and gone back home, but no, I sat there.  After she gave me the hair cut, I was in shock!  but I did not say anything.  it looked horrible and then, though she had a visa sign on her door, she said that she only takes cash…ok.  I was short $1.00.  I told her that I was going to pay with card but since she does not take card (though she has a sign) I will have to go to my car and look for a dollar.  she was not happy.  well, I went to my car and came back with the dollar in coins and now she was all happy.  I will NEVER go back to her again.
I fancy short hair just because it is so expensive to braid african hair here, my brother did make fun of this hair cut though.
I paid like $5 for this braids!

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