It’s about time I made a budget.  I have operated for 9 years without a budget and that is not good.  I bet I am throwing away some monies.  Good thing is that, apart from my baby’s hospital bill, the only debt we have ever had is our mortgage so I think we are doing … More Budget

I won!

I am too excited, I won a Cheerio’s gift pack that includes Cheerios, books for my kids and a gift card.  I am too excited, I cannot wait to read the books to my Rehema and Henry.  Thanks Alli.

Smart Choices No More!

The smart choices label program has been suspended over FDA concern.  Just the other day, I picked up Froot Loops and it had the Smart Choices label and I wondered how Froot Loops could be good for you when it had so much sugar.  Well, I am glad that they have suspended it because I … More Smart Choices No More!

Baby Boy

I guess it never ends, now it is Henry who is sick, Sila had to take him in and they said he has the flu.  He was running a very high fever too. hard times…

Baby Girl

Baby girl was not feeling well this weekend, on Sunday she was worse.  So, I joined the hoardes of panicking parents and took her to the PM Pediatrics that we have.  The last two times I have been there, there have been only only one or two patients.  Wow, I walked in at 6.05 pm, … More Baby Girl

Boss’s day

Today was Boss’s day.  We painted all over my boss’s car and her office too.  It was fun!  I love my bosses and I hope they know how much we appreciate them.