Soni – 11 years

My ipod is full of news podcasts, that’s what I listen to every day and lots of NPR programs.  I was listening to one of my news podcasts, called Global news and they were interviewing a 11 year old called Soni.   Soni lives in a camp for Kenyans who were displaced during the violence that happened after the elections.  Here is what she said:

“They burnt our house, they took everything.  They killed my father and slashed him like a grass and put him in a dam.” 

That just broke my heart.  Soni said that she hopes that one day she will go back to school.  They have been living in this camp for 2 years, she shares her tent with her mom and 3 other siblings.  They have been ordered to leave the camp in a few days.

Say a prayer for these kids when you think about it.


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