Fun Monday is hosted by Marmee.  She wants to read our hairy tales.

Ok, this was going to be about hyphenated people but that will just have to wait for another time. Instead, I would like to hear and/or see hair horror stories. My daughter works with a guy whose sister’s brother’s cousin’s mother-in-law’s gardener is going to cosmetology school. This student needed a brave soul with long hair who was not afraid to have short hair.

I do have a scary hairy tale but my hubby fixed it. I was desperate for a hair cut so I went to this salon that I had not been for a long time.  The hairdresser said something like “where have you been, you have been gone so long”  That is the moment that I should have turned and gone back home, but no, I sat there.  After she gave me the hair cut, I was in shock!  but I did not say anything.  it looked horrible and then, though she had a visa sign on her door, she said that she only takes cash…ok.  I was short $1.00.  I told her that I was going to pay with card but since she does not take card (though she has a sign) I will have to go to my car and look for a dollar.  she was not happy.  well, I went to my car and came back with the dollar in coins and now she was all happy.  I will NEVER go back to her again.
I fancy short hair just because it is so expensive to braid african hair here, my brother did make fun of this hair cut though.
I paid like $5 for this braids!

Head over to Marmee’s and read other hairy tales, have a Fun Monday

8 thoughts on “Fun Monday – Hairy Tales

  1. I agree…short hair is so much easier. I dont think I could sit long enough to have all those braids done…Thanks for sharing Grace and I hope your daughter is feeling better today. BTW I would not go back to that hair place either…that woman has poor business sense.


  2. Only $5 for the braids? Wow that’s cheap. Actually it doesn’t look too bad on you short but that story of that hairdresser you went to – yikes, she sounds like a total weird one!


  3. I love your braids, Grace and what a deal at $5! I don’t blame you for never returning to that hairdresser. I have had some bad cuts before, but was too stunned to say anything to the hairdresser. One time, I went back the next day and had the hairdresser fix the uneven cut!


  4. You’ve been gone longer, since? heh heh.

    I like the braids too. I’ve watched those artists sitting on the beach doing the braids.
    Amazing craft —

    You look great either way.

    My hair is short. always short. when it turned gray it just got terribly unmanageable.


  5. I love the braids. My grandma used to just braid the front of her hair and leave the back loose and it just looked so elegant. I have never been able to duplicate it.

    Thanks for playing.


  6. You have such gorgeous bone structure… your head needs little adornment! I love the braids, of course, but you could be totally bald and still be gorgeous!!!


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