Baby Boy

I guess it never ends, now it is Henry who is sick, Sila had to take him in and they said he has the flu.  He was running a very high fever too. hard times…


4 thoughts on “Baby Boy

  1. Oh, no! Poor babies. Poor Mommy and Daddy! Flu is never fun. Does Henry’s other issue complicate the flu? How’s Rehema?? Is she at least feeling a little better now? Prayers for all of you, Grace!


  2. that’s bad, once one child starts the other follows !
    For Fun Monday I want to know what you wear when you get out of your bed ! I am sure you won’t jump from your pajamas into your clothes ! A bathrobe perhaps or a jogging suit ?


  3. Henry does not have any other underlying issue but his breathing did not sound very good last night. He sounds better this morning though, thanks for asking and thanks for your prayers


  4. It is in my grandchildren’s houses too.
    I think it is earlier and moving faster than I’ve ever seen it.

    By the time the shots are available it will have already moved thru the area


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