Today’s Fun Monday is hosted by Ari_1965. I liked her assignment. Here it goes.

My question is: What is the oldest possession in your house or flat? Describe it or show us a picture. Where did it come from? Why do you hang on to it?

Well, we moved into our house the week of Thanksgiving 5 years ago. Basically, everything in the house is the same ‘age’. But, since we (Rehema was in the tummy) came into the house, before any of our wordly possessions came, my answer would be:
olde tyme4
Head over to Ari_1965 and see what people are holding on to.   Have a Fun Monday!

11 thoughts on “They’re for keeps

  1. I love the photo, that is so cool. I’ve had similar photos taken and they’re so much fun, getting dressed up and all. Great idea though for this week’s Fun Monday challenge, a different take on the old theme.


  2. What a great idea–show so much moore spirit than those stuffy family portriats. Your two little ones will probably fight over this photo when they’re grown. 🙂


  3. Hey, lady… everything okay? Haven’t heard from you for a while. I’m guessing you’re pretty busy, but I wanted to make sure you and the kids were alright.


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