Fitness Challenge

Today we started a fitness challenge at work. This is a 10 week challenge and after that we will weigh in again and see who lost the most body fat. I was happy that I have lost 2 pounds of body fat since I last weighed myself. So, what is my plan? I will start … More Fitness Challenge

Fun Monday

Today’s Fun Monday is hosted by Jan.  Here is her assignment: Hello all my fellow bloggers….As your hostess this week…here is what I dreamed up! The big question is ….What is the favorite room in your home? Tell us why and show us a photo if you can. My favorite room in the house is … More Fun Monday


Today’s Fun Monday is hosted by Jill. She wants us to tell us about chores. I cannot believe that talking about something I don’t like very much could be so much fun, maybe it is a kind of venting. My least favorite chore used to be doing laundry by hand, I had to wash jeans … More Chores


I love Mandazis. They come in all shapes and sizes. If you have been to Kenya and have never had Mandazis, then this is an open invitation to you to come on over and have some with hot chai.  If you have been and have been wondering how to make them, I have the recipe … More Mandazi

So many choices?

It is that time of the year when everybody is trying to get you to use their gym, buy their DVD or try their diet. It can be really confusing! About 1.5 years ago I joined a gym, and from my understanding I thought that I could break the contract with penalties, it turns out … More So many choices?