It is end of week 2, 10 days I have shredded with Jillian Michaels.  I rest on the weekends.  She promises that I will lose upto 20 pounds,  she says upto 20 pounds, it could be zero, but it could also be 20.  Half of that would be fine with me.

Sugar from Survivor was voted out yesterday, I said bye to her on facebook.  In honor of Sugar, I am cutting out sugar for 5 days beginning 15th.  I am not taking in any refined, artificial or processed sugar.  The only sugar I will take in is sugar found naturally, like in fruits etc.  I bet that cuts out a lot of stuff.  Will see how I will do on friday next week. 

Have a great Valentine!

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  1. My fun monday post is up for this week! Feel free to link on whenever you are ready.

    I think you asked how old my baby is. She’s 15.5 months!


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