Was wondering what kind of bread to bake on Sunday evening and searched and searched, decided to challenge myself and found recipe for Cresent Rolls and French bread. Now, I cannot find the website where I found the recipes but look how mine came out, they were tasty too

Update, I found the website, I will be visiting again. The recipes are awesome!

Fun Monday – School Lunch Memories

Today’s Fun Monday is hosted by Faye! She wants us to go back decades and remind ourselves what we used to do for lunch those days when we were young and lovely.

So your assignment for March 15 is to share your memories of school lunches. What kind of school did you attend–public, private, parochial? Did you bring lunch from home or buy in the school cafeteria? What did your lunch look like? Who prepared it? Who did you have lunch with? Was this a happy part of the school day? What did you do during lunch time other than eat your PB & J sandwich?

Well, for me, I am not sure if it was a good memory or not, but it was interesting. My first disclaimer: I did not know that peanut butter sandwiches were lunch until I moved here. I went to 1st grade when I was 5 and our school was maybe 15 minutes walk from where we lived. But since we had to walk to school, my mom took me on her way to work, I think it took longer than 15 minutes. From 1st to 3rd grade, for lunch, I and some other students would come back to our respective homes for lunch. Our classes did not go back to school so I would eat lunch and then take a nap and then go out to play at around 4 pm. When I reached 4th grade, that was stress. I had to walk home fast, eat quickly, then literally run back to school. If you were late, you would pray that you had an extra padding on your behind. Lateness and talking in class were the BIGGEST crimes one could commit in school (speaking another language other than English on school grounds came a close second). We lived in fear of the headmaster and never attempted to do any other wrong. I was in a public school from 1st to 4th grade. In 5th grade, I changed schools and went to a private boarding school. I was no longer living with my parents because they moved to the big city. Although, this was a boarding school but I was not a boarder. I lived with an Asian family for one term, yeah, the food was great! My parents paid for me to eat lunch at the school cafeteria. I then moved in with an old lady for two terms, that was an interesting stay. Then in 6th grade and henceforth, I became a boarder and ate school food for lunch. Basically, all my lunches were hot food and for the most part, there were okay. I did not not have much to complain about.

Head over to Faye and have a Fun Monday

Week 2

Today marks the end of week 2 of my half marathon training. I have 6 more weeks to go. Yesterday, I stepped out to go run my 7 miles and it was raining. I debated before I entered the car, whether to go and run on the treadmill and get bored out of my mind (I never really watch the TV in the gym) or run in the rain and have some fun with it. I decided to go run in the rain, just in case it is raining on race day, I will be prepared. I was not worried about the rain as much as I was worried about skidding and falling. There were many people out there running. It did feel good running in the rain though, 7 miles later, my legs were killing and I was very proud of my self. I missed a run day this week since I was out of town and could not figure out where the fitness center of the hotel was and was too lazy to ask.
Rehema looks all different


Last night I found myself toggling (can you use that word here?) between 24 (sorry Jack) and the bachelor.  I set out to watch 24, but it was threatening to rain on Jason and Molly and so I had to see part of it.  They seemed happy and I think it was a beautiful wedding.  I don’t care for shoes, but her shoes were beautiful.  Hope Jason and Molly’s marriage lasts forever.
Ran 4 miles this morning…
Today, a burden was lifted…I am glad that it was lifted and my life can continue, but I am mad that due to someone’s incompetence, this went on so long.  One of my important papers was filed under the wrong folder and it has cost me and many other people stress.  Well, I am glad that someone realized it!

Oscars Part 2

I cannot believe I stayed up until midnight just to see who would win best picture and best actress. Well, I was glad that Mo’Nique won, I thought her speech was interesting, I am not sure what she was trying to say…but I guess she said it.  Sandra Bullock speech was good.  But I loved Jeff Bridges, first of all it was obvious he was going to win, I just thought that he sounded genuinely happy to win and the way he was just throwing out names was hilarious.   Gabourey Sidibe was already a winner in my eyes, have you ever watched her interviews?  she is so hilarious and funny.  I hope this opens doors for her for greater and bigger things.  Well, I better catch up with my sleep tonight, after 24.

Shopping Spree

Today’s Fun Monday is hosted by Gattina.  Here is her assignment:
When I came back from my weekly grocery shopping last week, I had an idea for Fun Monday on March 8th. I want to know how do you do your grocery shopping, every day, once a week, once a months, in different shops or in one big supermarket. A picture of your favourite store and maybe of your trolley would be nice.
I think it is interesting to know how we shop in different countries !

This is timely because for the month of March I decided to try something different. I usually just buy grocerries as I ran out, but that is becoming expensive. Why? because, I end up buying stuff I do not need just because it is on sale. I walk into a store with the intention of buying one or two items and walk out with the whole store. So, for the month of March, I decided to sit down and write a list of stuff we need for the whole month. I have then set aside monies for fruit & milk which I will buy weekly. I started off my shopping spree at Sam’s Club for the big stuff, like beef, chicken, toilet paper, rice, diapers and anything I need in bulk. I then went to Walmart and bought a few things off my list and then finally went to Aldi and bought the stuff that I do not mind buying off brand like canned beans, corn, flour, sugar etc. They are way cheaper than Walmart.  I will visit my neighborhood Bi-lo to buy milk when needed.  Henry does not drink milk as he used to, so one Gallon is taking us more than a week.   One week down and I have only spent $4 out of pocket expenses on fruit (Aldi has a big bag of oranges for $2 and fresh veggies. My intention is NOT to buy anything extra and eat off our pantry, after all, I bought enough for the whole month. Go over to Gattina’s and read how people do their shopping, it might save you some money. Have a Fun Monday!


Will you be watching the Oscars tonight? I am not a big fan but I will be watching, I just wanna know who will win Best Actress, Best Supporting Actress and the big one, Best Picture. The first two, people seem to be leaning to Sandra Bullock and Mo’Nique but for Best Picture, it seems people cannot decide between Avatar and The Hurt Locker. If you ask me, I will be disappointed if Mo’Nique does not win, I think this is her time to win.