day 1

day one of my quest to be a half marathon finisher started with 4 miles, wow!  my legs are killing me!  I had taken a one month break from running and starting with 4 miles was not the coolest thing to do, but I did, in fact, I did it in 37 minutes.  I signed up for the internediate/advanced plan just because the beginner’s plan had too much walking and the training distances just seemed longer.  I went back  to my official gym just because they have more treadmills than my neighborhood gym.  The number of people have reduced, I found parking very close to the door.  Not that it matters, but it was raining when I went.  Biggest Loser is back so I will be watching for some inspiration.  the contestants usually complete a marathon at the end of their time, if they can do it, I bet I can do it too.  Time to make Henry’s request…chapatis!


3 thoughts on “day 1

  1. What are chapatis?

    Good for you! I’m going to try a half marathon by the end of the year – and of course the big marathon in Vermont a year from May. I know me… I’m going to have to build up to this very slowly so I don’t blow out my knees! I’m sure I have quite a few years on you too – I’ll be 49 when I run that marathon.

    You impress me so much with your dedication. could you send a little my way?


  2. grace says:

    Henry told me on sunday that he wanted a chapati and I told him that Chapatis are eaten on tuesday, yeah, like he knew when Tuesday was. He ate all of his chapati.
    Sayre, Chapatis are flat bread, not sure how to explain, they are like those Indian breads, Naan…I think my best answer is to ask you to google it. I am not too far behind you in years. I love to run and that is what keeps me going, and this year I am determined to run a half marathon.


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