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Today’s Fun Monday is hosted by Gattina.  Here is her assignment:
When I came back from my weekly grocery shopping last week, I had an idea for Fun Monday on March 8th. I want to know how do you do your grocery shopping, every day, once a week, once a months, in different shops or in one big supermarket. A picture of your favourite store and maybe of your trolley would be nice.
I think it is interesting to know how we shop in different countries !

This is timely because for the month of March I decided to try something different. I usually just buy grocerries as I ran out, but that is becoming expensive. Why? because, I end up buying stuff I do not need just because it is on sale. I walk into a store with the intention of buying one or two items and walk out with the whole store. So, for the month of March, I decided to sit down and write a list of stuff we need for the whole month. I have then set aside monies for fruit & milk which I will buy weekly. I started off my shopping spree at Sam’s Club for the big stuff, like beef, chicken, toilet paper, rice, diapers and anything I need in bulk. I then went to Walmart and bought a few things off my list and then finally went to Aldi and bought the stuff that I do not mind buying off brand like canned beans, corn, flour, sugar etc. They are way cheaper than Walmart.  I will visit my neighborhood Bi-lo to buy milk when needed.  Henry does not drink milk as he used to, so one Gallon is taking us more than a week.   One week down and I have only spent $4 out of pocket expenses on fruit (Aldi has a big bag of oranges for $2 and fresh veggies. My intention is NOT to buy anything extra and eat off our pantry, after all, I bought enough for the whole month. Go over to Gattina’s and read how people do their shopping, it might save you some money. Have a Fun Monday!

6 thoughts on “Shopping Spree

  1. That’s a great and interesting concept to list out what is needed for the month. Lately I’ve been hearing more and more that to keep the budget in line, we should make meals around what is in our pantry and not what is on sale at the store. Our local Sam’s is ~1 hour away, so I have yet to really justify shopping there since I’m not sure if it’s worth my time.

    Thanks for sharing!


  2. My parents would shop like that, only every few days as they needed things and I taught them that by shopping weekly, fortnightly or monthly and just grabbing the things you need fresh in between they can save a lot of money. They’ve since adopted that habit and save a great deal of money and don’t tend to impulse buy either. Great post


  3. Great minds, Gracie. I’m a once a month shopper with fill in milk and bread weekly. Saves money for sure. Are you tracking how much you save by staying out of the stores?

    Re Oscars–I stayed up to watch as well. I had some “horses” in the race! All and all I thought everyone behaved well and the Oscars went to the right persons.

    BTW, I’m hosting Fun Monday on March 15th. Stop by late in the day on Wednesday for the topic and sign up.


  4. A very wise decision, lol ! I have a paper at home and I write down each time something is missing. But you are right, sometimes I buy things I don’t really intended to buy. I read somewhere that Aldi is now moving into the States too ! It’s a good shop, it existed already at least 40 years ago in Germany and conquered slowly Europe and now apparently the States too !


  5. Hmmm… I haven’t tried the once-a-month shopping. Perhaps that’s something I should look into! I pretty much go once every two weeks, so it wouldn’t be that much of a stretch to go to a monthly schedule. I think I might try that for April!


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